Music night in IKRA gastrobar

The evening will feature a live performance by talented artist Vicky Jaye, who embodies the spirit and emotion of the golden era of soul and R&B with burning passion and inspiration.

Vicky Jaye is your soul sister, and she will bring real soul to the evening. Her voice penetrates to the very depths of your soul, transporting you to an era where emotion resounds with every note. She will perform classic soul and R&B hits from the 60s to the 90s, allowing you to dive into a nostalgic atmosphere and relive unforgettable moments associated with these musical styles.

At Ikra Gastrobar you can enjoy not only the music, but also the great atmosphere. Cozy and stylish space creates the perfect setting to enjoy music and good company. You will be able to relax, enjoying the unique sound of soul and R&B, and immerse yourself in a world of music that touches every sensitive string of yours.

Music Night at Ikra Gastrobar is a perfect event for music lovers and those who want to feel the atmosphere of the good old hits. Unforgettable emotions, warm atmosphere and great music that will revive your heart and soul await you. Get ready to plunge into an amazing evening full of nostalgia and boundless love for music.